Who am I?

My name is Nick Jenkins and I am a Labour Party member. Not a recovering ex-member but still a paid-up member.

As you will see in my letter to Sir Keir Starmer, I first joined the party more than 40 years ago. For professional reasons – I have been a journalist for more than 45 years – I wasn’t a member for all that time. But I am now.

Why? Because I believe the Labour Party is still the best route to a progressive government for my country, my family and my friends – even for the few, though maybe they don’t recognise that yet.

I understand why many good people have decided to leave the Labour Party… it has been tough for members recently. But I am going to stick it out for now.

Will this become a regular and active blog? I don’t know yet. Let’s see. But if it resonates with you in any way, do follow me. We’ll find out together if any hope remains. I’m always the optimist, so let’s hope so!

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