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Dear Sir Keir…

You might remember that four months ago I wrote to you fraternally, as an ordinary Labour Party member, with seven proposals for the future of the party. I hope you found them interesting and useful – I was taken aback by how many thousands of other people backed my suggestions when I shared them moreContinue reading “Dear Sir Keir…”

Dear Sir Keir…

I hear you have been going around the country listening to people’s views on how Labour can win the next election. Unfortunately, I missed the adverts for when you were holding sessions in West Yorkshire, so I am writing to offer my views for you to listen to before the Labour conference. I am justContinue reading “Dear Sir Keir…”

Who am I?

My name is Nick Jenkins and I am a Labour Party member. Not a recovering ex-member but still a paid-up member. As you will see in my letter to Sir Keir Starmer, I first joined the party more than 40 years ago. For professional reasons – I have been a journalist for more than 45Continue reading “Who am I?”

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